Electricity Saver Gadgets Designed To Save Energy

Electricity Bill ProblemElectricity is a form of energy which we use in our everyday life. It is usually generated from coal, nuclear power, oil and natural gas which are known as the primary source of energy. The price of fuel is increasing day by day because of which the price of electricity is also increasing. Many people especially poor people or people with low income cannot bear this. Anything cannot be done to stop the rise in price of fuel. The only way to cut down is by using limited electricity as and when required. We should switch off the fan and light when we leave a room or when it is not required.

Electronics items should be unplugged after every use. Television and computers should be switched off when it is not in use. Stairs instead of elevators should be used in order to save electricity. Electric power saver should be used to save electricity. There are special electricity saver gadgets designed to save energy.

List of Electricity Saver Gadgets

1. Solar Charger: This is a kind of device which uses the energy from the sun to charge electrical gadgets such as mobiles, camera, PDAs and any kind of device having USB port.

2. Night Lights or Bulb: This is a kind of light which is lit in the bedroom at night.

3. Water Saving Spout: This is the kind of gadgets which saves up to 70 % of water consumption which is attached to the tap. It is an automatic, touch free auto spout which consumes less energy as compared to other electric water filter.

4. Eco Kettle: We usually boils more water than required, this gadget helps to measure the water accurately thus saving electricity and water.

Electricity Saver Gadgets5. Energy Saving Plug: This gadget is used for PC. PC plug is plugged in the master socket and the extensions are plugged into side plugs, when the PC is in the standby mode or is switched off then it automatically shut down the extension.

6. The Electric Saver 1200: It makes your home motor more energy efficient. It is installed directly in the home motor or electric panel. It also increases the life of your motor, appliance and it safe guards your home. It saves up to 25 % of your electricity.

7. Energy Saving Light Bulbs: In an average 10-15 % of electric consumption is due to lights. Bulbs usually consume a lot of energy. Energy saving light bulbs is cheaper as compared to the other bulb. It is a very good gadget to save electricity. These lasts for 12 times more than any other bulb.

8. Electricity Monitor: This is a kind of monitor shows you that how much of energy is been used. This can be used to cut down the electricity consumption thus saving about 25 % of electricity.

9. Heat keeper radiator insulation panels: It is designed to increase the radiators efficiency. It is easily installed. The heat is reflected back in to the room by the help of it so this can be used in low temperature.

10. Water Tank Jackets: Water tank is wrapped with this jacket to cut down energy consumption by keeping the hot water hot for a longer period.

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These Electricity Saver Gadgets are certainly the best, and they really help us in so many ways.

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