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Electric Saver 1200
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The Electric Saver 1200™ is manufactured in Okeechobee, FL and makes the motors in your home more energy efficient.  Just as it is perfectly legal to replace your refrigerator with a new more efficient model, it is also perfectly legal to make your motors more energy efficient and use less electricity.

By making the motors in your home more efficient, such as your Central A/C and Heating system, washer & dryer, refrigerator and fans,  you also extend the life of your appliances and motors.

Our product also doubles as a surge protector for the motors/appliances in your home.  The Electric Saver 1200 will protect your house or business from power surges & spikes.

All our products are PROUDLY American made and we manufacture right here in the good ol' USA.  Our Electric Saver products are UL and CuL listed for your safety!

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Say Goodbye to your High Electricity Bills Right NOW! 

How to Save Electricity At HomeWith Free Priority shipping anywhere in the USA, and a 1 year money back guarantee, you can start enjoying that extra $40-50 every month now.  Spend more of your hard earned dollars on things you love, and less on high power bills.

You deserve it!

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Saving Electricity at home doesn't have to be difficult.  You don't have to hound everyone in the house to turn off the lights anymore when they leave a room.  By installing the Electric Saver 1200 to your electric panel or large motor on your property, you can lower your kilowatt usage and prolong the life of your Central Air Conditioning System, Pool Pump/Jacuzzi Motors, Heavy Equipment Motors, and more! 


When motors in your home turn on, they demand power from the power company.  Inefficient motors draw more power than they require to run.  The further away your motors are from your meter, the more you are paying for power.
The excess power in the line dissipates in the form of heat.  And you are billed for the excess power!  Residential is not billed in the form of a power factor penalty (like they do in commercial facilities) but is billed in how many kwh used.  There is no way to measure whether the motors in your home are efficient or inefficient other than billing by how many kwh were demanded through the meter.     
Motors in your home, such as your Central A/C system, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, or any other motor driven equipment in your home or business can be made more efficient and we can help you save on electric ...  Save Energy At Home

Does Electric Saver 1200 really workLearn How to Save Electricity the EASY Way with our fast 20 minute installation, you can be saving in no time! ---> Click Here <--- to view our Electric Saver 1200 Installation Instructions!  

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Power Saver 1200

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Electric Saver 1200 Made in USA

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