Wind Wells- Using Caverns In Utah For Wind Energy

Believe it or not, we can generate wind power underground using cavern systems to compress and effectively store air to power wind turbines. While this may sound like science fiction this technology has actually been around for decades, and is even in use already on a small scale in some states and parts of Germany. The plan is to use the caverns of central Utah as effectively a wind battery that would feed power all the way to Southern California. The power would be generated in a 2,100 megawatt wind farm in Wyoming and sent to the compressed air site in Utah to be stored.
The main reason this tech hasn’t been pursued before was cost, which is why most innovations aren’t pursued. However, the cost has come down so much that now this plan is becoming a reality. Developments of this magnitude are making wind and solar energy a more realistic as out main energy sources. Check out more about this project below-

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