Why You Need Solar Energy in Your Life

solar energy is the future

Installing solar panels to your home is a major project that can change your life forever and for the better. Many people remodel their homes to be more energy efficient and solar panels are the way to go.

Not only are solar panels becoming more affordable, more efficient and easier to switch to, they have a major impact on your energy usage and your energy bills.

Saving With Solar

To put it simply, a solar panel install on your home is a big project. The up front investment is not necessarily cheap, but the overall savings make it completely worth it. For the typical American home, a 3kW system costs about $15,000 to install.

However, this same 3kW system generates roughly 450kWh per month—roughly half the average household’s use.

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If you take into account that electricity prices have been steadily going up year after year (as most electricity is generated by fossil fuels, which get more expensive year after year as they get scarcer and scarcer) the idea of installing solar panels makes a lot of sense.

In the last several years, electricity prices have risen roughly 2.5 percent per year—that’s even more than inflation rates.

Once solar panels are installed on your home, your cost of energy generation stays steadily the same year after year.

Saving about 50% of your energy costs per month makes sense in itself, but the long-term benefit of having energy costs that don’t go up based on the utility company’s prices is also well worth it.

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Solar DIYs and Projects

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Okay, so let’s say you’re not ready to take the plunge and install solar panels on your home right away. (Though, one more note on this: take a look at the various tax breaks that exist in your area for doing so and also check if your utility allows a “buy back” where the excess energy your home is generating can be sold back to the energy company—either of those may put this investment closer in your reach than you think.)

If you’re still not ready, there are some really awesome DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and solar appliances/products that can still help you save money and do some good for the planet.

Here are three of our favorites:

1. Solar Powered Refrigerator (DIY) – Check out this link that gives an in-depth guide to making your own refrigerator that runs on 100% solar power.

2. Solar Power Generator (DIY) – This awesome project shows you how to build a fully-functional solar generator for less than $150!

3. Solar Tree, Solar Powered Charging Station – This is an incredible invention that allows you to recharge cell phones, tablets and other electric devices with solar power. It’s portable too! 

In addition to these, there are solar-powered water pumps, pool filters, fountains and even gate openers that can save you money on your electric bills while harnessing the power of the sun.


If you’re looking to switch to solar power, you have lots of options. Big or small, any of these changes can make a difference in your electric bills as well as your impact on the environment!

And don’t forget, all of our ElectricSaver1200 products are geared toward saving you money on your electric bills by improving your home’s energy efficiency, whether you’re on the grid or using solar panels!

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