How Much Energy Do We Use vs. the 1950 Household?

energy vs 1950 house

Did you know that the US Department of Energy recorded that the current US household uses thirteen times greater electricity than in 1950? In a span of 65 years, there has already been that much change in the way that we consume electricity. That’s shocking when you think of it.  But how can that be?  Well, to learn more about what in your home is using so much energy, read this article. By focusing and putting your attention on the correct energy hog, you can really pack a punch against your energy bills.

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With record breaking temperatures and no change in energy policy from our world leaders, it’s time to save electricity and better the planet for ALL OUR FUTURES. Cutting energy costs does not necessarily mean that you have to cut your electricity usage by more than half. You could start with an Electric Saver, then continue implementing more tips until you are capable of saving more and more electricity. It is no secret that you should monitor your energy use as a way to help yourself and also, to save the earth.  Here’s how the Electric Saver 1200 works…

Below are some helpful ways to get started on your journey to living better…

Saving electricity should not be asked; it should be done simply because it helps you and your family live better. It doesn’t always mean that you have to limit your use of it or make drastic changes in the way you live. There are so many simple things that you can do to conserve. By saving electricity, you also save money, so you can spend it on more things you actually enjoy, which I’m betting is NOT your electric bill.  Say yes to less stress from high bills.  Take control of your family’s future and start saving now.

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