Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy efficiency simply means that you can do or power something in the home (or at work), using less power and energy to accomplish a particular task. But, why is that important?  By becoming more energy efficient, you can reduce the size of your energy bills.  But that’s only important because you can help save the planet’s resources.  But it’s also important because you can spend that savings on something you love MORE… like a vacation or a bigger flat screen TV for the game. What’s YOUR reason for saving energy?  Will you be able to help a loved one?  Or do you just want more financial security for your family?

But saving energy isn’t just for homeowners.  In fact, business owners see a MUCH bigger return on investment usually because the cost of utilities is a major expense for most.  Improving that bottom line is ALWAYS a big deal and when we can do it by even 10% it’s a win/win to invest in energy efficiency.  So whether you are a home owner, or own a large facility to operate your business, read on to see how we can assist you!

For those who are looking for a simple way to become more energy efficient, using products that are specifically designed for more efficiency, is the easiest way to do so. From energy star appliances, to learning how to use power strips more effectively. It’s really not hard to start saving.  One of the many products that have been created to help with energy efficiency in the home is the Electric Saver 1200, which is manufactured in Okeechobee, FL.

It is specifically designed to:

– Help you reduce your monthly electric bills.
– Extend the life of motors and the appliances used in the home.
– Protect your home or business from power surge outages and improve safety.
– To improve the efficiency of appliances, as well as to conserve energy, which is a main goal that all home and business owners should have.

The method in which the Electric Saver 1200 works is by simply recycling the power used to operate a motor or other electric appliances.  When the item is powered off, it will release the power back to the motor when it is needed to operate any device. This otherwise lost energy is not only is going to be used in the place it was not being used in the past, which will help power appliances, and since it is recycled (not new energy being put to use), it is going to dramatically help in cutting your electric bill on a monthly basis. General Electric even tested and proved this!

In the home, customers have reported seeing monthly savings ranging anywhere from 10-28% depending on your motor/appliance usage. But for large businesses, this can truly help you save hundreds, if not thousands a month. (Depending on how old/inefficient your current facility is.) 

We have helped hundreds of thousands of property owners worldwide.  From homeowners to large government facilities and everything in between, WE MAKE PROPERTIES MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT… guaranteed or your money back.  So whether you want more financial freedom for your family, a bigger Christmas budget, or need to add an additional 5% to your business’ income statement.  Energy Efficiency can make your life better for all YOUR REASONS.

(The lady below is a business owner in Colorado who is very happy using our products she purchased from 1 of our distributors.)


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Want even more ways to save? 

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15 ways to lower energy bills

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