Why is Energy Efficiency Important and Ways to save energy

Energy efficiency is reducing the amount of energy needed to accomplish the same task. It’s the most inexpensive way of making energy available as opposed to building power plants which is an expensive and time consuming.

Energy efficiency reduces the amount of energy required to run your home or business and thus reduces the cost, allowing you to save money that you could use to improve your life.

Energy efficiency in a country leads to an improved economy as the resources that would have been used to produce energy is directed to other projects like building of more schools, improving infrastructure among other development projects.

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Why is Energy Efficiency Important

Energy efficiency is important not only in homes but the whole planet.

  1. Energy efficiency makes it possible to use energy produced by non-renewable fossils for a longer time. Since energy is used efficiently, the need to produce more energy is reduced.
  2. A country that doesn’t consume oil is saved the need to import. Oil is the major producer of most of the energy used. If a country uses its energy efficiently, it will be self sufficient and use the locally available resources to produce power.
  3. Energy when used in large amounts leads to global warming. The atmosphere is filled with unused energy which causes imbalances that affects the atmosphere layers.
  4. A country that encourages proper usage of energy is able to promote its economic growth as more resources are directed towards developing the country instead of looking for ways to produce energy.

Ways to save energy


Avoid leaving bulbs on.

-Ensure all the bulbs that aren’t being used are switched off. Switching off bulbs is one important way of saving energy. If you or any other person forgets to switch off. Put stickers near the light to remind everyone to switch the lights off.
Ensure all the gadgets that use power are turned off when they are not being used.

Switch off the TV, computers, radios and any other equipment that you aren’t using. These gadgets use small amounts of power when the socket is switched on

During the cold season, open the curtains and blinds to allow the sun in.

This is a natural and cheap way of heating your home.

Consider using fluorescent bulbs that use less power to save energy at home.

Using these bulbs will reduce the cost of running your home.

Turn down the thermostat at night or when at work to save energy.

Take advantage of natural resources

Most energy is lost through heating and cooling, natural ways like opening the windows and doors will help regulate a room’s temperature. Instead of using gadgets that consume power take advantage of natural resources to regulate your home’s temperature

Energy efficiency will not only reduce cost but will increase a country’s economic growth for a better future.  You can improve your live, your future, your country, and your planet right now! Stop wasting your hard earned dollars and earth’s precious resources.  Invest in you NOW!

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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