Venting Ventilation

The houses built today may be better than ever, especially when it comes to how they are sealed. That sealing may be great for our customers energy bills, but there is a drawback- ventilation. With better seals comes more stuff trapped in the air.
New and improved fans are needed to tackle this problem- one which has gotten more stringent coding that started in California and has been spreading East. Some of you may be saying isn’t this an HVAC problem? Well, no. More and more electrician’s are expected to know this new code about air quality and specifically the moisture in it. While we supply the power on bigger jobs where we work with other contractors, we can handle the fan situation- including recommending upgrades due to new codes- when doing smaller jobs or homes. If you want more information on the new air quality codes or just more knowledge to take advantage of a new avenue for you business, see the full article here.

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