The True Cost Of Solar

Solar is sweeping the world. Australians are installing panel on their homes like crazy- so much so that some area are actually powering themselves completely by it on and off. The UK and EU have embraced it as well, building many solar plants across the continent, meanwhile it’s a growing force in America catching on a little more every day- but what is it’s true cost?
A study done in the EU calculated the true costs of energy sources. They included impact on the environment in use AND production, cost of materials depletion, and how much it costs to build without subsidies, and as it turns out, solar is expensive.
Wind and hydro power fared very well- their overall costs are incredibly cheap by any standard, but solar ended up costing as much as nuclear. How? Well, most solar panels are made in China, and they aren’t known to make things with the Ecosystem in mind, are they?
See the study as well as the comparative graphs here!

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