The True Age Of Enlightenment

When a big shift happens people doubt. When the internet was invented people thought it was a fad. Cellphones were said to cost too much to ever catch on. Can you imagine the world without either of those? Now the big thing is renewable energy, and guess what, people are nay saying. So called experts are calling solar too costly, they say there’s not enough return on the investment, and they are wrong.
Solar energy is growing in efficiency and output now faster than most projections. It’s providing more energy than the most positive estimates from fifteen years ago. In fact, the smart fossil fuel company owners are investing in the tech because they see what’s coming. Those fossil fuel companies that are embracing reneweables are the same ones who are trying to get in the way of their development.
But the age of clean, cheap, renewable energy is coming, and its coming soon. That’s good news for us as electricians as well. As this technology comes into its own we’re in the age of retrofitting, so we should be embracing this future- because for us it means business.,65abe0a9-e890-5ccd-5dda-708dd79badde

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