Top 5 Tips And Tricks Of Improving Energy Efficiency In The Home

Save Energy BillsIn the modern era, energy usage is becoming a very common topic. The cost of energy is ever increasing while the sources of energy diminishing by the day. This has forced people to dig deeper into their pockets in order to afford power. Instead of paying more for electricity, consumers are embracing better ways of conserving the energy. Over time, different energy saving tips have been invented with the following being the top 5 energy efficiency tips:

5. Energy Efficient Architecture

One way of becoming energy efficient is coming up with energy conserving buildings. New buildings are being made from materials that conserve heat and also allow maximum air circulation. Furthermore, buildings are featuring wider doors and windows, which minimize the need to switch on the lights especially during the day. Constructing a building with minimal corners or edges is also another way of making a building energy efficient.

LED Bulb4. LED Lighting

People are now opting for LED (light emitting diode) instead of the incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. By doing so, a consumer is able to light up a bigger area with fewer lights. LED lighting also use minimal electricity, and generate less heat. This goes a long way in making sure the lighting appliances last longer. Improved technology is also making the LED lights more affordable and readily available.

3. Energy Star Rated Appliances

One way in which consumers can increase energy efficiency is through the purchase of “Energy Star” rated appliances. This equipment and devices operate at the highest efficiency while using minimal power. This mark of quality is proof that the device has been tested and approved to save energy. Furthermore, the equipment, which may include refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, monitors, television sets, among others, may attract a tax credit or rebate in some regions

2. Solar energy

Solar energy is one of the best ways to become energy efficiency. In fact, power from the sun is viewed as the energy for the future. It is green (clean); renewable, as well as plentiful .A consumer can maximize the gains by installing an off-grid solar panel as either a standalone unit or part of a hybrid system. Other than the initial installation cost, solar energy has no monthly bills, no power interruptions, and is easy to monitor its use.

buy KVAR Energy Saver1. Electric Saver 1200

A lot of energy is wasted through leakages in the electrics, use of induction electrical devices such as transformers and motors. For instance, motorized equipment has a very low power factor. This means that the real power and the stated power vary due to losses .This is why consumers are opting to buy kvar energy saver such as the “Electric Saver 1200”. This device can be used on a singular point or installed as part of the electrical circuit. This energy saving device increases the power factor significantly.Consumers have attested to saving as much as 25% of the power bill after installing the “Electric Saver 1200.”

There is no question that energy needs to be conserved now as well as in the future. This has seen organizations as well as governments at the forefront pushing the agenda forward. In order to maximize on energy saving and efficiency, it is necessary to combine the above energy saving tips and guidelines. This will not only bring down the cost of energy, but will also minimize pollution that results from use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

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