Tips to Save Energy and Money in your home

dollar-bulbEveryone wants to save money on their bills, but the question is how do you do this without having to sit in the dark and not turn the television on? Well there is a way, a better way where you don’t have to sacrifice much but you do have to be a bit more considerate with how you consume your energy.

When your not in the room, you should really turn your television and your lights off. This will save you money anyway, if you want to save more than just a couple of dollars then turn your appliances off at the wall. Doing this will save you up to $70 a year. That is just the tips to save energy. You can do many things to save energy from economy  flushes to turning your heating off for an extra hour a night.

Whilst your cooking you can use the lids to the saucepans to conserve heat which in turn will cook quicker saving you money. Also don’t forget to use the right size pans and the right size hob, if you are using a massive pan on a tiny ring this will take ages to boil using up more energy and more money.

save-energyPin regard to washing things, try washing your clothes on a full load and when using a dishwasher try it on the economy programme except if your washing really filthy dishes.Doing all you can to save energy can be very time consuming and uncomfortable for some people. So here is an all in 1 product that saves energy and money without missing out.

This product is called the Electric Saver 1200, when energy enters your home, the wiring gets very hot, this wastes a lot of energy. The motors in your home such as your air conditioning waste a lot of energy too. This energy gets unused but you, the consumer are still charged for it.

The Electric Saver recycles that lost energy and gives it back to you through your motors. Doing this reduces the heat going through your wires, reducing your bill which will reduce your bill. As well as saving you money, this device will make your appliances last much longer.So, with your household demand being much lower The Electric Saver 1200 will protect you against power surges.

In basic terms this device recycles the energy you would of lost and gives it back to you, reducing your household demand, saving you money. The best bit is that you want have to sacrifice your energy usage unless you want to. If you want to save money you have to work hard at it, but not with the Electric Saver 1200, you can have it installed and just forget that it’s there.

Stop wasting your hard earned dollars on high electric bills. Start Spending more of your money on the things YOU deserve.

Save Money Now

Save-MoneySo as you can see there are many ways to save electricity and your money. When you save money you can decide what to do with it. If you wanted you could go on holiday, save it, buy a new tv, spend it in what you like.Which ever one you decide to go with you will feel the benefit.


by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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