The Ultimate Power Factor Correction Device

Electricity Bill ProblemPower usage in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors is inevitable. This is attributed to the fact that most home, office or industrial appliances needed to run the home or office cannot do without electricity. The growth and development of the economy also leads to more demand on power while at the same time depleting the energy resources. This has led to the gradual increase in cost of power. To alleviate against the high cost of power requires the use of power factor correction devices or embracing solar energy as a free energy resource.

The power factor correction devices such as the electric saver 1200 aid the consumer to cut down on expenditure attributed to energy consumption. Electrical appliances at home, office or the factory draw power from the power transmission lines which provide AC( alternating Current) either 110V , 240v or 414V (3 phase) .During usage, the electrical appliances in use draw in current while at the same time some current from the electrics circuit escapes through plugged in components that are not switched on. Power losses also occur in motorized and induction equipment where the real current used to power the equipment loses some of its energy through the magnetic flux in the magnetic field. This reactive power is a power loss which needs to be corrected by a power factor correction device. The electric saver 1200 is an example of such a power factor correction device.

Another way of correcting the power factor would be using solar energy devices. Solar energy is power derived from the sun rays and comes with no monthly power bills. Solar energy system only attracts a charge during installation after which the power comes free of charge. Use of solar energy courtesy of the solar system that includes a solar panel, solar charge controller, battery and inverter, a consumer will lower the cost of power. Solar power is the most sustainable renewable green energy that is feasible in the short as well as the long run.

Both solar energy and power saving devices play a crucial role in bringing down the cost of energy. However the easiest way to quickly improve the power factor of electrical equipment as well as the whole electricity circuit is by installing an electric saver 1200 from This power factor correction device can be used as a standalone device or installed as part of the homes or office electrics. The electric saver 1200 improves the power factor, reduces the power bills by 25%. due to reduced energy demand, The energy saving device allows electrical equipment to run much cooler hence increasing durability. Te electric saver 1200 also reduces line noises and wave interference that are occasioned by energy losses or excessive power.

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More benefits about the power factor correction devices or power saving devices can be accessed via the website at This webpage offers more insight on power saving tips,benefits of the energy saving devices, types of energy saving devices etc. The power factor correction device is the absolute way of making a reasonable energy saving easily and conveniently.

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