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Electricity Saver Unit PlanDid You know This?
Are you running an air conditioning unit in your house? Do you own a Fridge? A pool pump? Many of these electrical devices are mainly powered by an electrical motor, and here are some things you would like to know about your motors, their starting up requires a considerable amount of electricity. Of course it is something you may not be familiar with, but now by knowing this simple fact, you can save a massive amount of money on your electricity bill.

Star-Delta Configuration
Most of the motors are designed to work in the Start-Delta configuration. Star configuration enables your motor to start up, but when starting up, it uses an important amount of power (watts), due to the high current (amps) that is circulating through your motor windings. The Star configuration will then switch after a couple of seconds to the Delta configuration, the stable one in which your motor permanently runs.By the time it runs normally, the electricity loss that results from the starting up of your motor have badly contributed to your electricity bill. What if therefore you had a unit that would not require your motors to use the municipality electric lines to start up? Saving you from constantly paying expensive electricity bills?

Electric Saver UnitElectric Saver Unit
By owning the Electric saver 1200, you will be able to decrease your load demand from your motors. It enables softer start up by providing a much efficient power factor, enabling a better efficiency. A better efficiency implies less waste and therefore, this unit will allow you to save up to 25% on your motor consumption related electricity bills. Not just helping you to save some money on your bill, that unit also prevents your equipment from sudden start up. Sudden start up can cause a high current flow in your motor windings, this can lead to critical motor failure.

Other Appliances
You may therefore be wondering what about my computer? what about my lamps? What about other appliances? Well, one of the tips to use in order to decrease your other appliances related electricity consumption is to check the specifications of whatever it is that you are purchasing. It can be done by checking the power consumption (Usually in watt). If for example your living room lamp requires an input power of 200 watts, it is too much! the average maximum of lamp input power is generally around 100 watts, just imagine if you have plenty of these 200 watts in your house, you can figure out that you are using way too much electricity. So you need to know what is the power consumption of your electrical appliance. Once done, try to find out if there is no other way to have a device that will use less power than the current one. It may require you to spend some money, but just imagine how much money you will save each month by just consuming less electricity.

Stop wasting your time and money. Start saving your electric bills and earn your money back.

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Electric Saver Unit Reduce Electric BillElectrical Saving, A Worldwide Responsibility
Saving electricity should not be optional. It must be a requirement since we live in a world where the main energy resources such as oil are drying up. It is extremely important for you as part of your money saving aspect, but also for generations to come, starting by your children. Engineers and scientists are working days and nights to provide much more efficient ways of saving electricity, but for now, everyone is aimed to save as much as they can on their electricity bill.

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