The Cost of Power to the Average American

Way back before, many people would just spend around $50-$100 on electric bills. But now, things have changed. An average American nowadays spends double or even triple just for the electric bill that is going out of control.

What’s worse is that the bills are sky rocketing but the average income of a person would increase very slowly. Spending too much on your bills without having any money left for your pleasure and other wants totally sucks!

Instead of having a vacation or going out to buy an ipad, you end up paying the money to the electric company. You are just making that company rich with your total electric expenses.

With this kind of scenario in the American economy, citizens are just getting by – no money left for savings or pleasure. Perhaps its time to take a break from all these expenses.

But power companies providing electricity will never give you one. They tell you to raise your thermostat setting during the summer and lower it in the winter. How many nights can you go without a good night’s sleep?

But worry no more! There is a power saving device that could aid you in saving up to 25% of your energy consumption. It will give you the break that you so badly deserve. What you don’t know is that power companies are using this same technology to their benefit without even sharing it with you. This is all because of corporate greed!

There is only one solution for this kind of problem.   You can do something about it! Get out of that encapsulating chain and discover the best electricity saving device on the planet. Electric Saver 1200 is your weapon against these power companies.

The best thing about this device is that it is very affordable and inexpensive. Not only that, you can be certain of this product because it is UL Listed and it can easily be installed and used in just 20 minutes. Most importantly, it reduces your electric bill, protects your motors from power surges and extends the life of your appliances or devices.  Click Now to get yours today!

Start Saving Money on your Electricity Bill in a matter of days! Enjoy that extra $20, 30,possibly even $50 EVERY month and spend it on something you love!

Reduce Power Today!

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