The Contracting Con

Across the nation construction workers are being hired on as independent contractors and its cheating the people out of billions, yes that’s billion with a b, of dollars every year. These laborers who put up dry wall, install carpet, shingle roofs and so on, and are, by law, not contractors. These are workers entitled to the same protections as any other American worker and are being denied those basic protections. Moreover, their taxes aren’t being withheld. And as it stands, the regulators couldn’t care less.
While some see this as a business decision- it’s not. This is a legal matter that denies workers rights and drains money from the both the government and the economy. As this problem flourishes in construction its also finding its way into other fields including FedEx drivers and even newspapers. While some are finding ways to deal with this problem, some states seem to not care at all. One of the most disconcerting facets of this problem is that it is leaving many workers with not just less benefits, but less pay as well, especially in states like California, a state which hasn’t done much of anything about the problem at all.
For more details, read the shocking expose below-

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