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We cannot talk about saving electricity without mentioning on electricity efficiency and electricity conservation. it is therefore necessary to distinguish between the two.

Electricity efficiency
This refers to utilizing less electricity but ensuring that you end up getting the same service. So as to be in a position to understand this even better, I would use this example;

A good example would be to replace an existing appliance with a new one which is more efficient. The new appliance could be doing the same job but using much less electricity. This way you save some money and also may reduce greenhouse gases that are emitted to the atmosphere. It is however important to note that electricity efficiency is not the same as electricity conservation.

Electricity conservation is doing without some services so as to save electricity. An example would be to turning off lights. You may as well make use of an electric saver 1200 that has been found out to save up to 28percent of your bill when used.

cartoon-dollar-bulbElectricity saving tips and ideas:

  • Hold a meeting with all the employees and discuss on the ways that the company or else the organization can use to conserve electricity.
  • Make use of task lighting other than overhead lighting and also ensure that you only light the areas that need to be lit. It has been found out that providing with the right lighting can really save electricity to up to 15 percent of the lighting bill.
  • If you want to really save a lot of electricity, ensure that you replace the floodlight bulbs with the compact fluorescent lamps that save a lot of electricity.
  • When your company is buying a new or even replacing an existing vehicle it is important to check on the energy requirements for various models so that you buy the one that is electricity efficient.
  • You can come up with some rewards for those employees who come up with new ways to conserve electricity.
  • Organizing for some professional electricity audit for your organization can be a good way of coming up with new methods of conserving electricity.
  • Reward employees who come to work using public means.
  • Ensure that all lights in the office and in the whole building are turned off so as to enjoy great electricity savings.
  • You may as well install automatic room lighting controls so as to turn lights on and off depending on occupancy or even time.
  • You may as well install some motion sensor switches in storage rooms, bathrooms, and any other areas that are not used frequently so as to save on electricity.
  • It would also be important that you inform others to turn off light and equipment once they are done with them and want to leave.
  • Ensure that you install thermostats that are programmable in the organizations premises. These appliances optimize on cooling needs as well as building heating and are not expensive.
  • When buying new appliances, it is important to check on energy requirements of the various models available so as to buy the one that energy efficient.
  • Install wall insulation and ceiling in your organization. This way you will save a lot of money and the comfort of your employees will be improved.
  • Provide laptops other than the desktop computers as they save up to 80 percentage energy less.
  • It is important too not to underestimate the electricity you save when all machines are turned off when not in use.

This list is not exhaustive; there are many more ways in which an organization can conserve electricity.

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by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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