Taking On Trenching

Most electricians aren’t involved in excavating or trenching, but if you’re completing underground line-work you could be. There are more than fifty deaths annually involved in trenching and excavating, but there are guidelines designed to keep us safe during this process. When these aren’t followed that’s when problems arise.
First, there needs to be a competent person around, in other words someone who knows how the process works and what to look out for. You also need to have had the utilities come out to mark where their lines are and now the color code. Typically this coding is red for lightening and electrical- yellow for gas, oil, petroleum, and steam- orange for communication and alarm signals- blue for water- purple for irrigation- and green for sewer/ drainage. Often, even with a competent supervisor and knowing the lines something goes wrong- it wouldn’t be the job if it didn’t, and you have to know what to do when it does. For more on that and more safety tips, read this amazing article.
For these and many other reasons, we need to make sure our customers and clients understand that doing their own trenching is a terrible idea as well.

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