Taking The Wind Out Of Their Sails

It seems some people in the country think that wind power is ready to be independent. Wind power has been funded primarily by various government subsidies and tax breaks that residents of some states see as unfair. People in Oklahoma and Texas in particular are calling for massive regulation, these are red states mind you where interference is typically not welcome. Ten years ago these same people were clamoring for the development of wind farms, but now complainers say the windmills are unsightly and have an unfair advantage.
This is coming right after wind power has proven its usefulness however the industry is still young and hobbling it by taking away what makes it financially viable may leave it dragging. The truth is the tech is still too costly to be viable without help. But there may be a balance in the near future, as Kansas is figuring out a way to weigh the breaks the wind industry gets with how much they are able to produce now. To read more, click here-

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