Solar Array System and How It Is Affected By Power Factor Capacitor

Solar PanelSolar energy is becoming among the most sought after energy sources. This is attributed to the energy being green, renewable, and also having no monthly power bills. The uptake of solar power is evident from the increase in the number of solar array systems. This is basically an arrangement of photovoltaic (PV) panels that have been joined to form a larger panel. A larger array acts as a power factor capacitor since the voltage and current is increased substantially. The solar array can either be off-f grid or grid fed. Off-grid system is the most common system and can either be fed directly into the electrics or stored in batteries.
Power Factor and Energy Losses

There has been tremendous improvement in solar power technology. This can mainly be seen in the photovoltaic panels which come with long lifetime warranty of as many as 25 years. However, just like other sources of electricity, solar power systems are greatly affected by power factor. This is basically the ratio of the real power and the apparent power. Real power is the actual power that reaches a device while apparent power is what should be ideal. It is basically the product of voltage and amperes. High power factor is always desired, it simply means there are less power losses within the electrical circuit or device.

What Causes Low Power FactorWhat Causes Low Power Factor

Low power factor in a solar array exists when real power is greatly diminished .This is caused by several factors either in the electrics or the type of electrical apparatus being used. For instance, a poorly wired circuitry will lead to “eddy” currents or leakage of current. Linear loads such as electrical motors and induction heaters are among the main contributors of low power factor. Energy losses may also be caused by non-linear loads which include rectifiers. Low power factor leads to increased power consumption, erratic power supply, and also overheating which may damage both the electrics as well as electrical appliances.
Power Factor CapacitorCorrecting Power Factor 

In order to correct or increase the power factor, it is necessary to use a power factor capacitor. This is a device that helps in increasing the power factor. It is very crucial especially in a solar array where electricity is generated in small quantities hence requires to be preserved for later use. One of the most popular devices used to improve the power factor is the “Electric Saver 1200”. This device can either be used as a standalone device. A number of the electric savers can also be installed as part of the electrics. By using both the solar arrays and electric saver 1200, a consumer will therefore experience minimal power wastage, longevity of electrical appliances, and reliable energy generation and distribution.

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