President Trump can’t change this, BUT WE CAN.


“Save power and save your planet,” would be an ideal way to describe the precarious situation we are facing today.  While the president can do many things in office, this is not up to him.  This problem is bigger than just 1 world leader.  We all live on the same planet, we all are just trying to live our lives in peace and harmony. It is up to us to do our part in saving our planet.  It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are, being more responsible and taking care of where you live is just the right thing to do.

It is certainly a balancing act between using cheap fossil fuels or newer green technologies for our world leaders (and appeasing their constituents). We, as individuals, can take action to help our family and our planet live better by doing simple things.  Read on for some helpful ideas on how you can lower energy bills and improve your way of life.


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sustainable energy sources

Use CFL or LED: Incandescent bulbs are power-hungry, and guzzle several times the power-consumed by CFL or LED bulbs, which offer you the dual advantage of a much longer life and lower replacement costs. Count the stars: All electrical appliances bear an efficiency rating represented by up to five stars, where the highest number of stars indicates better efficiency. When proposing to buy such appliances, exercise much care before deciding on the best option between similar functionality. Remember that you stand to gain from the efficient appliance, which consumes almost 20% less power than its counterpart, a thought after your own heart. Look for “energy star” designation, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, when you propose to replace your appliances.

led light- ways to save energy

Let your computer play its part: The DRT monitor of a desktop consumes about 180-200 watts of power, where, its LCD counterpart will consume about 35 watts only, and a laptop consumes probably 10-20% of that. Again, a LCD screen for a laptop is the best choice. Some feel that, enabling the power management function and going to a screen saver mode, will save energy. If your computer has an advanced “speed step”” power management feature, you can affect savings. Switch off your computer when not in use, and extend its longevity. Keep printer use to the least, and remember that ink-jet printers consume lesser electricity than their laser counterparts do. Try to get a computer with a power-save mode fan, and activate your keyboard shortcut that will send your monitor to a sleep mode, until you ask windows to re-activate it, when you need it.

Air conditioner: Your air-conditioner draws about 1500 W, and drains power and your pocket. There are two ways you could buy yourself some relief from this, and at the same time, offer your contribution towards saving the planet. You could set your A/C on a timer, to work until about 3 AM and then go automatically into a sleep mode. Additionally, you can set the thermostat at 25C, to enjoy the advantages of a good sleep, as well as the economy on its operating cost. This simple adjustment should save carbon dioxide emission of about 1000 kg, which will add to the woes of the planet and its people. Programmable thermostats in your air-conditioners will help save power by adjusting the temperature at your house or workplace.

Electronic Devices: Electronic devices contribute to heavy power drawing. Switching them off when not in use, will save an enormous quantum of otherwise wasted power, and cut your energy bills.

Microwave: Warming the food, using a microwave oven could considerably cut the power required to heat your foods vs a traditional oven.

Renewable Energy: Harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water by a solar water heater will save you loads of power. Think of a solar cooker that can cook food for you without losing their nutritional values. Try using solar power for lighting your house with the help of tubular storage batteries.

So no matter what the world leaders say, it truly is up to each and every one of us to make a difference in our own communities.  For even more helpful ways to save energy, visit

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