The Savings Myths

There are a lot of ways to save on energy costs, and with everyone scrambling to do so, there are already some common knowledge myths on energy savings that are simply not true. You can dispel these myths for yourself and/or your customers.
The first and most commonly believed myth is that closing vents reduces energy costs. This isn’t true! It’s actually the opposite. When you close the vents the back pressure actually ends up taxing your system even more, increasing costs and energy usage!
Many people who want to switch to solar don’t because they believe the myth that going solar means you have to be off the grid. This is just straight up wrong. These systems are tied into the grid, and need the grid to stay solvent.
Newer homes are also not necessarily more efficient. The myth here is that it’s new so it must be efficient! That is completely false. Design and construction determine efficiency, and though new houses tend to be better designed then the old, many still have a lot of room for improvement.
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