Riding On Solar Roads?

One of the problems with getting solar to be more prolific is where it is installed. There are only so many panels people can install themselves, and solar plants come with a lot of problems, but some countries are finding unique ways to blend solar in with daily life.
In the Netherlands they are developing solar bike paths. Basically, these are bike paths with solar panels beneath them soaking up the sun as people ride over them. They fully recognize the expense of developing SolaRoads, but the Dutch decided that this is a development that has to happen. The amount of steady, consistent energy these roads will develop is incredible. These roads make a lot of sense to the Dutch because they are a cycle crazy society, but the concept is fascinating.
How could we in the states work solar into our daily lives? We’ve started answering that question with things like solar street lights, but nothing on the scale of the Dutch.
Read more about the Dutch SolaRoads and how they are changing the face of solar here: Home Solar Power.

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