Reduce Electricity Wastage In Power Factor Equipment

Solar PanelWhen we talk about Alternative Source of energy the first name which comes in our mind or is on the top of our mind is Solar energy also called as planetary power . The energy which is produced from sun rays is known as solar energy now the question arises how it is done.

So by the use of Solar array system light emitted by the sun is transformed in to the usable form . Solar array system constitutes of solar panel and inverter .The Solar panels range between 64W and 160W and have the voltage of either 12V or 24V.The operating voltage of each panels is being determined and regulated by the inverter which continuously adjust to yield optimum output.not all the electricity produced by the array is being used as there are inverter losses and losses in cabling which roughly constitutes about 10 percent of the total electricity produced .

Power Factor EquipmentWhy PFC is Better than Solar?
We do have solutions to eradicate the problem of electric loss by installing power factor equipment in the conventional source of energy which when installed or attached with the equipment diminishes the wastage of electricity and often increase the efficiency of equipment by saving up to 25 percentage of electricity also increases the life of equipments. The best example of power factor equipment is Electric Saver 1200 which can be used to explain and understand the features characteristics and use of power factor equipment ,as it is a standard, consistent and recognized product which truly justify the definition of power factor equipment. So in a normal pattern of electricity usage the power is supplied to the equipment through copper wires and suppose your equipment consumes 100W of you will find that you are actually billed for 120 W its so because in the actual equipment is given 120W but it uses only 100W the rest is thrown out and wasted ,with the use of Electric Saver 1200 this 20W thrown out is collected and send again to the equipment so than it can use it.

Lower Power BillsHere while stating the utility of Electric Saver 1200, an power factor equipment to solve the problem of wastage of electricity in conventional source of energy format ,suddenly the point strikes that the same problem of wastage of electricity persists in Solar array system, and nearly 10 percent of electricity is being wasted . Therefor two similar type of problem can have not the same, but some what similar solutions ,here we can hope that Electric Saver 1200 which is a power factor equipment has proven the record of saving electricity can be used to save electricity loss in Solar array system i am encouraged to have this thought in my mind as in both the case electricity wastage stands at the center of the stage.

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