Raising Energy Conscious Kids

Everything about electricity has captured our imaginations since even before Edison and Tesla. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was inspired by the flashing bolts and animated bodies that galvanization, some of the first attempts to apply electricity to practical purposes. Now it’s captured us again with the advances in these fantastic renewable sources changing the nature of power supply.
So is it really such a surprise that there is now an energy camp for kids? Camp Kernow is a UK based nonprofit camp designed to teach kids about energy sustainability and its uses. The camp was designed to be “off the grid” which means that if the kids use the energy too wastefully they run out! While designed to teach about energy economy, they also have classes teaching kids about how electricity works and how people like us electricians do our jobs to help their homes power their lives! Projects similar to this have been slated for the states, and I for one am quite excited. Check out the camp and all it has to offer here!

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