Power-Saving Home Improvement Ideas with Power Factor Capacitor

Reduce Carbon FootprintAre you an environment lover and looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint so as to save the energy resources for future generations? If yes, then you should be aware of the terms like power factor capacitor and solar array and how they can be used to your benefit. Let us have a quick look.

What is Solar Array System?

The solar array or a photovoltaic array is an array of the parts which make use of Solar energy to supply usable electric power for diverse purposes. The final output that this system supplies depend on the types of solar panel being used, Available sunlight, their orientation, surrounding temperature.

Solar Array SystemsDoes this System Have Optimum Usage?

No, the system cannot be used optimally as not all the energy produced by the system is available to the grid. There are certain petty cabling losses so around 10 per cent of the total produced electricity is lost.

Can Solar Array be Sized According to Electricity Needs?

The solar array system is comprised of similar solar panels which are interconnected and the array can be sized as per the requirement of electricity supply. There may be constraints of available roof space.

Power Factor CapacitorWhat is Power Factor Capacitor?

Power Factor Capacitor is a power factor correction equipment which is connected in parallel to the motors which consume more power. It is used to reduce the additional load, and it does not actually cut down the power used by the load but it reduces the gross amount of current drawn from the main source.

What are the Benefits of Power Factor Capacitor?

These capacitors can be switched on and off conveniently which in turn ensures that the capacitor is energized only when the motor is taking load and when power factor correction is actually needed. This is an economical way to reduce your power consumption and cut down on your electricity bills.

What is Electric Saver 1200?

The Electric Saver 1200 is a power factor correction device that is designed especially to enhance the efficiency and life of the motors that consume sizeable power like Central Air Conditioner.

How Electric Saver 1200 is Useful?

If you use this device you can cut down on your electricity bills up to 60%! The device is installed either directly to the motor (heavy-power consuming) or to an electric panel. The device is extremely useful to protect your homes from power surges and make your motors more energy efficient thereby helping you to cut down on your inflated power bills.

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