Do you have an Energy Waster in your Home? It can be frustrating.

cringe about wasting money on electric bill

Wasting money is something almost everyone cringes about.  No one likes giving hard earned money away unnecessarily right?  But, perhaps those who waste aren’t aware of their actions.  Perhaps they don’t appreciate something they have taken for granted.  Let’s take scenario #1 where someone is completely unaware that their actions are causing YOU or your family’s finances a problem.  If this is your case, be glad.  If the person just needs to be schooled on what to do, but is totally willing to help out, all you need to do is educate.  To get started, read the easy tips below.  You can get little ones involved too.  Make a game out of it.

However, if you have someone who is complete aware of what they are doing, they just don’t care or appreciate what they have, it’s time to take matters more seriously.  You could go the route of tough love and remove all things requiring electricity out of your teenager or young adult’s room for a day/week/month…depending on how severe the situation is.  Or you could have a long talk with them and enlighten them about how those less fortunate dream about sleeping in A/C in their own house.  The approach is totally up to you of course.  But, once you get your “waster” on the enlightened path and ready to make changes, the below list will be a great start.  To see an even more detailed list, visit this page.


The easiest way for you to do reduce your home’s energy usage is by:

1)    Turning off all those lights that are not needed. Let the natural light come in through your windows when available, and use it until it gets dim inside.  This tip is an easy way to slash 5-10% off your electricity bill.

Use Natural Sunlight

2)    You should also make sure that your refrigerator is tightly closed.  If you have someone in your home who constantly opens the fridge door and peers in, that’s another situation that needs to be handled.  But, if the door isn’t tightly closed, the refrigerator could be working extra hard.  Make sure the seal is in good shape.

Electronic Appliances

3)    Make sure your room which has an air conditioner turned on is tightly sealed so as not to let the cool air go out. This is true if you have a 1 room A/C.  But for those with Central Air Conditioning systems or Heat Pumps, get 1 of these installed.  It will help you make the system more energy efficient.  When this is 1/2 your bill, it pays to install this device.

power company accurate billing

Saving energy is definitely not that hard if you mix it with the right amount of discipline and responsibility. It’s definitely achievable and can be fun 😉 As stated above, “Showering with a Friend” lol- I like it!  And not only is it good for you and your family financially, but it’s also great for the planet too.  See, I knew you were smarter than the average bear 😉

To read more articles on lowering energy bills, go here. We hope this post helps you on your journey to lower electricity bills.  Please share so that others get helpful tips too!  To read more about better understanding electricity bills, click here. Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here.  Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go.  We can’t wait to see you again.


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