Power Saver 1200 Reviews: Tips to save money and power at home and workplace

Green House ConceptMoney saved is money earned. And what better way to save money than to cut down on your energy consumption and bills at home and office.

Power Saver 1200 Reviews
One very effective way to save on electricity costs is by using a Power Saver 1200 aka Electric Saver 1200. This appliance can work wonders in reducing your power bills by almost 25%. The Electric Saver 1200 carries a 20 year warranty and is compatible for use worldwide. It works on the principle of recycling lost energy which is unused by the home or office appliances (like Central Air Conditioning Unit, Heating Pump or Swimming Pool Pump etc.), but which energy is billed for by the electricity company. By recycling such lost energy, this product reduces the demand for power from the electricity company which will reduce the power bills. Not only that, it also reduces the heat and load on the internal wiring of one’s building and protects against voltage fluctuations which can otherwise damage appliances. The Electric Saver 1200 is easy to install and use and a typical home requires only one such unit.

Some of the other simple methods by which one can reduce power consumption in buildings are outlined below:

Tips To Save Money And PowerWhile siting a new building, its orientation must be borne in mind. Apart from making optimal usage of natural lighting, a suitably sited building will also avoid direct sunlight while making use of better cooling by natural winds so as to avoid increased cost of mechanical cooling in summers. Front of building facing north will provide best light while the east and west sides should have less glass windows.

Once the house /office has been sited properly, placing windows correctly is equally important to ensure that one does not lose out on getting natural daylight while keeping out unwanted heat. This will save energy costs for both artificial lighting and cooling requirements.

By properly air sealing the building one can prevent unnecessary circulation of air through the building and also avoid leakage of air from inside. This will make the cooling / heating more efficient and reduce energy costs for the same. To restore loss of warmth in winter or gain of heat in summer, power driven appliances are required to respectively heat or cool the interior. Adequate and effective insulation of the building is a must to ensure that there is proper and necessary resistance to the heating / cooling flow from within the house.

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The importance of installing an energy efficient heating / cooling system cannot be over-emphasized. Such a system will more than repay the extra capital expense incurred in terms of savings by way of lower energy costs over a period of time.

Almost all offices and most homes would require artificial lighting to supplement whatever natural daylight is available. It is sensible to replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lights (CFL). The latter typically consume far less energy and have a life span of up to ten times more than incandescent lamps. The added advantage is also there of CFLs giving comparatively more powerful lighting.

A power audit is something which can prove very useful in controlling and reducing the energy costs at home and more particularly at a workplace. Simply stated a power audit is a study conducted, the results of which will provide a measure of the total energy consumption at a particular site and will then apportion such overall cost to the different electric appliances or energy system which use electricity. A power audit will provide the means to ascertain the electricity consumption of each separate appliance which then can allow one to reduce the consumption by regulating the usage of the energy guzzling appliance(s) accordingly. The advantage of a power audit is that it takes the guesswork out of energy consumption and provides a more scientific and systematic means of reducing power bills.

Power Saver 1200 Reviews

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