Power Factor Equipment: A Complete Overview

Power Factor OverviewWhether you are an environment lover or just want to cut down on the expenses of your soaring electricity bills, power calculation is useful for you in either way. The best way to cut expenses on electricity bills and to keep the environment clean is to use less amount of energy. There are several manufacturers who promote the utility of power factor equipment as a way of cutting down the usage of electricity. Let us take a complete view of it.

Power Factor: What is it?
Once you have decided to buy a power factor equipment. You first need to know what is power factor. It is a numerical value which depicts how effectively incoming power is consumed by the homeowners. It is done with the help of an electric equipment,and the measurement is expressed in a numeric value. Higher power factor indicates more effective usage of power factor equipment. For instance, a power factor of 0.7 means that 70% power that is supplied to the equipment is being used in an effective manner and 30% is a wastage.

Importance of High Power Factor:
Business or individuals with the power factor of less than .085 have to pay additionally whereas those who have a high power factor get a discount on their overall charges. In ideal situations power factor should be close to one or unity. Unit power factor indicates that you have been using the power efficiently.

What Needs to be Done to Improve Power Factor?
Whether you own a business or just want to improve low power factor for domestic use you can so by installing PFC or Power Correction Equipment called Capacitor banks. These equipments fixes any inefficiency in energy supply and also cut down the high demand on the electricity network. There are many PFC correction equipment available in the market which you can make use of.

Power Factor Equipment

Electric Saver 1200 for Power Correction:
If you are damn serious to cut down on carbon footprint and save power then you should get hold of electric saver 1200. The equipment is meticulously designed to make the heavy and more power consuming motors energy efficient. For instance, if you have central air conditioner installed in your homes or offices then it is most likely that you are paying inflated electricity bills as it consumes a major chunk of electricity. To save on your electricity bills as well as total power consumed you can install this equipment either to the targeted motors directly or to the electric panel of your homes.

Features of Electric Saver 1200: This power factor equipment is meant not only for lowering your power bills but also for enhancing the life your electric appliances and also safeguard your homes, offices and shops against power surges.

Power MeterIt helps in saving your power bills up to 25%
It increases the life of motors and cuts down on energy consumption.
20-year warranty on manufacturing defects or workmanship.

So do not think twice if inflated electricity bill worries you and grab the right power factor equipment to save electricity and money.

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