Power Factor Correction: Significance of Power Conservation

Power Conservation TipsConservation of power is important not only for those who want to cut down on their electricity bills, but also for billions of those environment lovers who want to save the mother nature from being deteriorated. All the steps taken in the direction of power conservation help in minimizing the available natural resources and also protecting the environment from being further damaged. Power factor is the measure of how effectively the electrical power is consumed. Ideally, it should be unity but in reality it is reduced by inductive loads like electric motors. With the help of power factor correction, the losses in the supply is reduced and power is conserved.

Reduction in Excessive Usage of Oil and Natural Resources:

Scientists are of the belief that some sixty years from now, our natural resources will be totally exhausted. Considering this view, the conservation of natural resources has gained much importance. With the help of power conservation methods like power factor correction we can cut down on the excessive use of natural resources and save the natural resources for the future. Because if these resources get exhausted, the day is not far when we do not have enough electricity to perform our day to day activities.

Make Your Home GreenReduction in Greenhouse Gas Emission:

Green house gases can pose a potential threat to the mother Nature because it is the major contributor to the global warming. Day to day fuels that are burnt to give us power are depleting the protective ozone layer of the environment. The ozone layer prevents the ultraviolet radiation to enter the earth. By conserving the power we can prevent the emission of greenhouse gases and can check the climatic changes which affect our day to day lives.

Monetary Advantage:

Even if you are less concerned about the deterioration of the environment that you live in, there is another good reason to save power and that is to cut down on the soaring electricity bills. By using electricity saving equipments we can check the ever rising prices of the electricity that we consume.

Power Factor CorrectionConserve Power and Save Money by Using Electric Saver 1200:

The wonderful product: Electric Saver 1200 is designed with the motive of making your bulky motors power effective. Do you know that your central air conditioner consumes a major chunk of power and accounts for more than 50% of your power bills. The product was made to let the homeowners save money on the electricity bills. The equipment is installed either directly to the motor like a central air conditioner that consumes more power or on the electric panel.

So, whether you have the motive of saving invaluable natural resources today or are aiming to save money, conservation of power has been always a brilliant idea. With the use of equipments like electric saver 1200 you has the benefit of saving not only the power alone but can increase the life of, your home appliances. So, do not look further and cut down on the excessive use of natural resources and follow the power conservation tips like power factor correction to save money and the environment.

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