Power Factor Correction Increases the Efficiency of the Motors

Power Factor (PF) is the performance measurement parameter of AC components. Power factor defines the relation between voltage and current. Power Factor can be defined as a ratio of the average power available and the actual power used. That means, the amount voltage flowing across the load when the current is not yet started flowing through the inductive load or the amount of current which is flowing through the capacities load when the voltage is zero. Ideally any system should maintain a power factor equal to 1 to perform efficiently. Low power factor value is not suggested as it causes instability in the system hence, power factor equipment are used to maintain the standard PF in the system. The device uses the supplied energy more economically and reduces wastage. It also helps to increase the durability of the electric system by supplying the correct amount of energy to the system. The power factor correction means, putting a capacities load in equivalent to the inductive load so that the capacities load tends to extend the PF when the inductive load is lagging behind. You can find many power factor equipment distributors in the market to maintain the PF of your system close to unity. If you select a good distributor they will help you to get good devices or capacitors to maintain healthy electrical systems. For example, The Electric Saver 1200 is a popular power saver device which is mainly designed to increase the efficiency of the electric motors used at home. Always make sure that you choose the best power factor equipment distributors to get the best power saver device so that you can save electricity as well as money. Power factor correction has several advantages. It involves adding a power factor correction device for adding and holding the electrical charge. The device connects required capacitance to regulate the power factor to as near to 100 percent as possible. It can also improve the voltage. The loss of reactive energy in an electric system can lead to a lower voltage that causes many adverse effects such as lower efficiency, overheating and other quality problems in the system. By installing a pfc equipment you can increase the efficiency of your motor system or power system.

It should be noted that the fans, food processor and grinders and other equipment used in the homes consume a lot of power due to the inductive load. These devices are the reasons for your energy expense. Hence, the decrease in the power usage and the efficiency is higher in the homes due to the use of fans, washing machines and other electric equipment’s Therefore, the homes which have these electric systems and devices must use power factor correction devices to save a large amount of power. In addition to that, the elusive benefits of better durability of those devices cannot be undervalued. Hence, it is sensible decision to install the power factor correction equipment’s in your home by taking the guidance from good power factor manufacturer so that the device is suitable to your power systems and is in your concern.

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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