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Power Factor Sine Wave

Solar heating – power factor correction equipment natural green heat.
The sun is nature’s own heat source, and the heat is a natural element in a green heating solution . In Denmark delivers solar radiation annually an amount of energy equivalent to approx. 100 liters of heating oil per . 1 m2 of land. The sun shines an average of approx . 1,800 hours of sunshine per year in Denmark. This corresponds to approx. 1,200 kilowatt hours of energy per unit . m2.

Large energy potential.
Worldwide, the sun delivers about . 5,000 times as much energy as the entire world’s population consumes annually. The solar energy potential is therefore enormous and taking advantage of the free energy from the sun , can save a lot of money , while CO2 emissions are reduced very significantly.

A competitive heating solution.Solar Heating Panel
Solar should not be confused with solar cells. In a solar heating system converted the sun’s rays directly into heat, while a solar cell converts solar energy into an electrical source.Learn more about photovoltaic here .

Read more about solar panels here .
A modern solar heating systems can cover up to 70% of an Average household needs for hot water. In addition, the solar system provides a valuable contribution to space heating , especially in the summer months when it is turned off the primary heat source and power factor correction equipment.
Better energy rating of the dwelling.
A solar heating system contributes positively to reduce the dwelling ‘s total energy consumption . As an added bonus , a solar heating system also contributes to better energy rating of the dwelling. That may be important for the potential sale of the property power factor correction equipment.

Power Factor Correction Equipment

In the case of a newly built house , a solar heating system could also help to meet the requirements of energy optimization, which is part of the Building Regulations .

When you buy an Electric Saver 1200 solar heating, you get offered a security agreement, which may be extended for up to 15 years. The agreement must be signed when the unit is new, and ensures free service calls during normal working hours, free parts and an annual service intervals, where the facility is reviewed to ensure optimal operation for power factor correction equipment.

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Extended service agreement.
Combining the solar system with a gas furnace or a solution with a heat pump, you have the option to subscribe for an extended service agreement that guarantees you free service calls in the event of a breakdown of the entire system, including an annual overhaul of gas-fired or heat pump. The agreement must be signed when gas-fired or heat pump is new and can be extended up to 15 years with power factor correction equipment.

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