Power Factor Calculator: Different ways to save money and power in home and office?

Power Factor CalculatorHow to improve the power efficiency in home and office? 

This is a common question heard from the face of people across the globe. Power factor plays an important role in answering this question. Studies say that low power factor is responsible for more current consumption and an increased supply of electrical supply systems. To overcome the difficulties of low power factor, you can now make use of power factor correction units. At present, there are several types of power factor correction units available online. Power factor calculator will calculate the value based on different parameters. Important parameters considered while calculating the power factor value include phase number, the real power in kilowatts and current in amperes.

Generally, the efficiency of power factor or power factor management will define the way by which your home or office uses its electrical power. Devices like computers, motors and transformers utilize more power during its operation. It can cause the electric current to lag a voltage in a range of 0.6 to 0.8, which is the power factor. By using the right power factor correction equipment, you can easily reduce the electricity bills in an efficient manner. An ideal power factor correction equipment will make use of capacitors and controls to direct the value of a power factor to one. Apart from reducing the electricity bill, a power factor management device can also save your money in many other ways. Increasing the capacity of cabling is one among the main advantages of using an efficient power factor management device. This function is found to be very beneficial to reduce circuit breaker overloads and maintenance problems.

Different Ways To Save PowerHow proper home design/planning save energy?

Proper home designing can certainly help your home from wasting energy. To reduce the amount in electricity bill, it is advised to note down the energy used per day in each room. If there is any energy grabbing devices like incandescent lamp, try to replace it by LED bulbs. Using a power strip is one of the best ways recommended reducing energy consumption. A power strip will easily shut devices off when you are not using it. Similar to a power strip, getting a power audit is another best way recommended reducing the electricity bill. An energy audit can easily help you to know the right cause of the problem. If there is any leak in a circuit, a power audit can easily recognize it.

Power Saver 1200Electric Saver 1200

Today, you can find many products online to reduce the power consumption of your electrical devices. Electric saver 1200 is one of the best recommended products to save energy and money. It can be used to reduce the power consumption of many power inefficient motors like swimming pool pump, heat pump and central A/C. Generally, an electric saver is installed to an electric panel or directly to the electric motor in home. Apart from reducing electricity bill, an electric saver can also improve the life of appliances and safeguard your home against power fluctuations. Using an electric saver 1200, you can withstand the power surges up to 2000 joules of heat. Electric saver 1200 is a perfect choice for all people in search of the best energy saver with low maintenance.

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