Poo gas, energy of the future!

The world is looking everywhere for sources of renewable energy. Wind and water power turbines, solar panels soak up the sun, and biomass reactors make energy from… human poop?

It’s true. The idea was sprung by Kenyan teenager Leroy Mwasaru, who came up with it as a way to fix his school’s failing sewer system and the kitchen’s dependence on firewood for cooking.

Combined with other organic waste, the human waste bioreactor (HWB) produces methane – the same natural gas used in your average gas stove.

The second HWB prototype (number 2, haha) is currently in use, and Mwasaru hopes to have a full system funded soon.

This technology could change the way we think about waste forever, and lead to incredibly sustainable practices. The future is bright, and it’s brown!

Read the full article here: A Kenyan kid turns his friends’ poop into clean energy

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