PFC Equipment That Saves You Money

PFC EquipmentWith the cost of power soaring every day, people are now seeking green energy as a way to cut down on the costs of electricity and water. One such way is the use of Power Factor Correction equipment or PFC equipment such as the Power Factor Calculators. This special calculator is an online tool which provides a comprehensive list of energy saving tips to homeowners.

The tips provided are normally based on the estimated upgrade costs, annual savings and the length of time you will use the calculator before it starts paying for itself. A good example is the Electric Saver 1200 manufactured in Miami which is specifically made to reduce the cost of electricity in your home, prolong the life of your appliances and at the same time protects your home, business and commercial property from power surges and spikes.

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Benefits of PFC Equipment

PFC equipment has a number of benefits which include cutting down your electricity bills by reducing power demand, increasing main cable capacity for expanded plants and equipment, reducing circuit breaker trips caused by current overloads, and reducing electrical maintenance costs. Power factor is described as the degree of efficiency at which your investments use their electrical power. With many businesses operating at a power factor range of 60%, which is relatively low, electricity bills are elevated.

Power Factor CalculationHow Does The Calculator Work?

The ideal measure of your power factor should be more than 95%. Readings lower than this will substantially raise your electricity cost. Good management of your power factor will lower electricity cost.

Basic Information

The first step when using the energy saver calculator is to enter responses to questions such as your home location, the age of your home, how many energy consuming appliances you own, and other relevant information.

What Can You Save?

The second step is to determine what you need to save. The calculator gives you a breakdown of recommendations on retrofits, savings, estimated costs and break-even periods according to the climate in your area and style of the house. Some recommendations include installation of heating equipment where needed.

Save More MoneyIt’s Now Up To You!

The third and last step are for you do take the necessary action is. Since the calculator gives you a list of recommendations, you can now decide on the investments you want to keep.

It is important to check your electricity bill against the same electricity billing period for the previous year. A 10% to 20% increase or more per year may be because of low power factor. This will require power factor correction, and in case it already exists, then servicing may be needed. You may also choose to add size to your PFC.

You do not have to worry anymore about high electricity bills. With this kind of advancement in technology it is important for any business owner or home owner to embrace the use of these money saving calculators. It is high time you start boosting your profits in your company and invest in more income generating projects. It is also important to find available ways of utilizing green energy sources because not only are they cheap, but they are also readily available.

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