Out With The Old, In With The New… Wiring

Outdated wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires. There are warning signs though that we can pay attention to and warn our clients and customers about. Many or all of these you’ll probably know, but some may surprise in either case it’s useful information to share with a customer.
The most obvious sign of bad or outdated wiring is frayed wires. These are extremely dangerous and if your client sees some you should make them aware that only a pro ought to handle it. Outlets can be another sign of bad or old wiring. Outlets should always be cool to the touch, if they are warm or have scorch marks there’s a problem and an electrician should be called. Also, if the outlet sparks- to us that’s a duh moment, but many customers like pretending nothing’s wrong so make sure you tell yours that that’s a problem. If a circuit breaker is always tripping that’s a sign of overload, and again they should call you for a solution. A big one most homeowners think nothing about it dimming lights- especially if it happens when a big appliance is in use. This is another sign of overload that can lead to problems. For more tips for you clients, check out this article.

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