Ohio Drops The Ball

Ohio is screwing up. While the rest of the country is developing their renewable energy and making huge strides, Ohio is bogged down by old doctrine and wrong thinking. The Ohio senate is packed with proponents of fossil fuels, spouting anti-renewable doctrine going so far as to call it Stalinist. Since 2008, the energy initiative has created 3,200 jobs and saved 300 million dollars for taxpayers annually. But now all that support is getting pulled but state government.
Because of this, the energy investors are pulling out of Ohio in favor of other states and it’s costing Ohioans jobs. In Massachusetts, for example, since 2010 88,000 jobs were made by the renewable energy industry. It’s going to hurt Ohio in another way when the EPA’s new carbon emissions the Ohio government is pulling fund right when companies need them to meet the new standards. By pulling support for renewables as they are the Ohio government is shooting itself in the foot, and it will lead to job losses and increased cost of living for all of Ohio’s citizens. Read more about Ohio’s plight here-

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