Norcross Nailed It

Politicians. The word, the concept, the whole notion of what they are wand what they do is a huge turn off to most people. They’re known as leeches and ticks and all sort of parasites- ruining America. Burning and pillaging neighboring- wait, I may have stumbled into viking territory, but you get my point. Politicians are not well liked. But what if one of them was one of us?
Donald Norcross is a politician. Before he was one of them though, Norcross was a union electrician. A journeyman making his living like anyone else. He got into politics because he saw the hardworking middle class under attack by men (and a few women) in suits so far from places of any real work they didn’t have to look the people they were screwing in the face. Norcross rose against some pretty palpable odds, and this election, he was voted into congress as only the second electrician to ever be elected. Now one of us is among them.
Let’s hope he can get some good done. If you want to know more about Norcross and his interesting story, see here: IBEW’s Norcross Runs for U.S. House.

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