Manufacturing The Future

The world of energy is changing. While most industries get one or two big changes at a time,we are experiencing many major shifts in the way the energy world works all at once. There’s the shift to LED’s and how that tech is progressing quickly, becoming more diverse and efficient. There’s the energy revolution and how wind and solar power are shaking things up, and along with that how the power grid is transforming into something we’ve only ever dreamed of with energy storage and microgrids. Finally there are the cotangent changes of how the world is connected with the web and portable devices and how that effects how all businesses do business all around the world.
Electrical Wholesaling put together a list of electrical manufacturers to pay attention to as they are the ones keeping up with the rapid changes in out industry. The companies listed are really developing and embracing the changing world and, as such, are some groups to follow. Check them out here-

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