Lockheed Martin- The Don Quixote Of Power

Lockheed Martin is developing fusion power and is very close to making it real.
Don Quixote chased windmills. He believes himself a knight but was more delusional then anything. What do these two have in common?
Fusion energy has been the stuff of science fiction since we came up with the fission that powers nuclear plants. Instead of using high amounts of energy to break apart atoms, we will be fusing two atoms, producing a near infinite supply of clean energy. It’s the myth of all myths. It’s the holy grail. It’s Excalibur. It’s Aladdin’s lamp. And they plan to make the units small enough to be quickly and easily transported to the most disconnected parts of the world.
But hearing about all this, how the idea is only ten years out from becoming a reality, it seems like a promise of something that could never exist. Fusion is so storied, such a legend, it just doesn’t seem like it could be real.
Read more about Lockheed Martin’s epic quest to bring something unreal to life here: Chasing The Holy Grail Of Compact Fusion.

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