KVAR Power Saver Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Importance of KVAR Power SaverResearch shows that on average heating accounts for 38 percent of annual energy usage at home. Studies also show with energy efficiency steps, such as using a KVAR power saver, annual electricity bills can be cut down by 40%. That explains why energy efficient homes and products such as the Electricity Saver 1200 are very popular . The move to make a home energy efficient is very justified considering the savings that can be made in the process. Apart from reduced energy bills, energy efficient homes contribute towards a cleaner environment. How can a homeowner make the transformation to home energy efficiency?

Improving energy efficiency at home starts by identifying the loopholes through which energy is wasted. The second step would be to line-up to the areas of inefficiency or loss according to priority. The ares with most energy losses are rectified first. Finally, the prioritized areas are attended to according to the home budget. Using a KVAR Power Saver is the best way reducing energy consumption in the house without many adjustments.

KVAR Power SaverTo identify energy losses in the house, start by closing the exterior windows and doors. Turn off all flues, water heaters and gas appliances. Switch on the window fans and drive air from the rooms in the house. Now it is time to check for leakage of air . If placing a wet hand at the windows, doors, attic hatches, and outdoor facets feel cold, this suggests a draft.

If you establish the existence of energy losses in your home, here are a few tips that may help in energy conservation. The first area to address is heating and cooling. For no cost at all, consider using the shades and drapes more to allow or block sunlight as need be. You might also need to adjust the thermostat to “auto” mode to make sure it only runs in when the furnace is working. You can even decide to get a programmable thermostat, just to be in more control of energy usage at home.

Switching Off LightSwitching off lights when they are not needed is also very helpful in home energy efficiency. For a low-cost switch homeowners might want to replace their incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs, which may help reduce lighting energy by up to 75%.

To improve your home’s energy efficiency consider no cost remedies to reduce energy loss through electronics and appliances. For instance, you can unplug devices when they are not in use, and use power management applications for your electrical equipment. If you have a freezer that you don’t need, you might want to contact a recycling plant in your area to have it disposed.

To further supplement the work of the KVAR power saver, consider replacing some of the old electronics and appliances in the house. The newer the model of a freezer the higher the energy efficiency. So, see whether it makes sense to throw away the old freezer and acquire a new one.

These are some of the ways homeowners can reduce electricity consumption in the house. Combining these practical steps with products such as Electricity Saver 1200 reduces energy bills significantly. Get your certified and patented KVAR Power Saver today and make your energy saving efforts even easier.

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