KVAR 1200: How Energy Efficient Are You?

Saving Money and EnergyWhen it comes to saving money and making the most of your electricity, many people simply don’t understand how much money they are tossing out of the window each and every day. Fortunately, there are solutions that will not only help you save money, but will help you do your part to save the planet by making the most of your electricity. After all, there may come a time in the near future when making electricity isn’t as easy as it is now, and many people in the world will have to do without it. You can help do your part and also save money by using a power saving unit such as the KVAR 1200 which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it’ll practically pay for itself within the first couple of months of usage.

In fact, you can reduce your electric bill by as much as 25% the very first month that you use it and for those of you with loads of appliances, electronics, and a big house, that could result in a couple hundred dollars in savings. Not sure whether or not a power saving device such as the KVAR 1200 is right for you?

Stop wasting your time and money. Start saving your electric bills and earn your money back.

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If not, here are a few things you can do to decide whether or not you should consider purchasing a device like this.

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For starters, take into account what the average, three month electric bill is during the summer in a country such as The United States. It is roughly $395 which converts to around 294 Euros. If you break that down, that’s around $132 a month or 98 Euros. If you’re bill is higher than that, you definitely need one of these devices.

So, if you’re current electric bill is around $300 a month or 223 Euros, you can expect it to drop to around $225 a month or roughly 168 Euros a month with a device such as the KVAR 1200. If you ask us, those are some pretty drastic savings. In fact, with the money you save every month on your electric bill, you can make a cell phone payment, a car insurance payment, or even fill your car up with gasoline. In this day and age, getting practically free gas is a huge perk!

Become Energy EfficientOne other way you can figure out whether or not you are energy efficient and need a device like this is to take a look at how many devices you have in your home running off of electricity even if your electric bill isn’t above average because you can still have money. If you are one of those people that have three televisions, two fridges, and all the latest appliances then you probably need a power saving device. We all love to save money, and we should all be concerned with the amount of unnecessary electricity that is being used in the world today. In 2005, electric power plants produced over 17,000 terawatt hours. By 2030, that is expected to double.

Just imagine if everyone in the world had one of these devices. The terawatt hours would be cut down to about 13,000 terawatt hours per year which is a huge difference!

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