Keeping Winter Warm And Energy Down

Saving energy is often synonymous with saving money and when it comes to your heating costs, there’s always ways to cut down. This is especially true in winter, when our energy bills are typically 50% higher! So how can you, and your clients, cut down?
Insulation is worth its weight in gold and proper insulation can save you about 30% on your energy bill. Remembering to close off unused rooms is another trick- if you do this you can heat only the rooms you’re really using. Dressing for the weather is another trick. Simply wearing a sweater around the house, or some comfortable slippers, will warm you enough that you don’t need to set the thermostat as high. While this one may seem obvious, many don’t take advantage of it- use your fireplace! Besides wonderful ambiance, a fireplace is a cheap, effective way to heat a home. Cleaning your heater out before winter comes is another oft overlooked strategy that is simple and cost-cutting. Finally, you can invest in a reverse ceiling fan which works by pushing the hot air down rather than keeping it congregated above.
For more tips, see a great article here: Stay toasty this winter.

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