How To Zero In On High Electric Bills

When looking at your monthly electric bill, it’s easy to get lost in the jumble of numbers and not be able to but sit and wonder where all of that power is going. If you’re going to try to start saving money on electricity, you’re going to need to know where to start. But how can you tell?

It’s actually pretty easy. On average over 55% of a typical household electric bill comes from the air conditioner (possibly more during the summer). This is because there is a large electric motor in your unit which is running for a good portion of the day. It also happens to be an induction motor which is notoriously inefficient.

The rest of your bill goes to lighting, other appliances, water heating, etc. So if you were going to attack just one thing, make it the air conditioner.

Ok, so now knowing WHAT to handle, the question is HOW to go about handling it. Fortunately there are lots of different ways of going about it.

In addition to installing an Electric Saver 1200 (which all by itself could lower your entire electric bill by 10% to 20%) you have a few options. You could install a programmable thermostat to allow yourself to set a schedule that maximizes efficiency. You could also close vents to unused rooms and spaces in your home to help the a/c cool down the rest of the house faster. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for the a/c to do it’s job. This is where other factors like air leaks in your home or improper insulation could also come into play. Fortunately, most times you can get a good result without having to go too in-depth with it.

If you apply the tips above you should be well on your way to a much lower electricity bill. With the a/c handled, you can now focus your efforts onto the other areas of electrical waste to get even more savings.

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