Is Your Power Bill Sky High? Here’s some help…

understanding high electricity billsToday, one of our major concerns is to save money and energy.  With energy bills sky high and rates constantly increasing too, it is no surprise you are sick of it.  We are too.  When you receive your power bill, do you REALLY analyze or EVEN understand what is listed on your bill, or do you just pay it and grumble?  Isn’t is time you told your power company, enough is enough?!? Below are some helpful things you can do to lower your power bills and reduce your energy consumption right now.

However, there are other ways to save as well.  Here are some methods to start saving:

  • Invest on energy competent appliances


Buy appliances that suit your needs. Keeping a check on the energy consumption for each device will help to reduce utilization of energy and the standby power consumption as well. Look carefully for the energy saving features and the energy stickers on them.

Selecting appliances that are appropriate for the purpose you have in mind will give you great savings on your energy bill. For

example, adequately to cool a room of 10′ x 10′, you need only a 0.75 ton or maximum 1-ton air conditioner. If you buy a 2-ton air

conditioner for the same room, that would be wasteful and definitely overkill. You would be consuming double the power for no reason at all. Such matters require your consideration before purchase.  Speaking of appliances, make them as energy efficient as possible by purchasing and Electric Saver 1200.  This device can help make the motor driven appliances in your home more energy efficient requiring you to consume less from your power provider.

  • Microwave

For purposes of heating small quantities of food, microwaves use less energy than the other conventional OTG ovens and the normal gas stoves. The electric waves of the microwave oven consume less energy because it heats only the food particles and

nothing else; the process of heating up food is much faster than any other medium and consequently an 80% saving in consumption of electricity is a normal estimate. It generates very little excess heat in the cooking area and results in the lesser usage of air conditioning.

  • Power Strips

Certain electronic devices consume a small portion of energy even when you switch them off and leave them in standby mode. Our television and computer systems are apt examples. Though they consume very little energy, cumulatively, they contribute their mite towards the electricity bill generated monthly. The power switch is an aid to this issue. By just flicking a switch, you could stop the flow of energy completely. New versions of these power strip switches cater to almost every electrical/electronic appliance.

  • Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostatThermostats with a programmable feature are ideal for you to regulate the extent of energy needed by your air conditioners or

heaters during your absence from your home or office. You could conveniently program your thermostat to provide the right

temperature that would utilize optimum power. This feature makes it comfortable for yourself to get in to your home after a long

holiday and not feel stuffy as it maintains the right duly programmed temperature. The feature gives you the advantage of lower

power consumption in your absence and the right temperature to keep you comfortable, when you return.

  • Battery Charger

In the end, rechargeable Alkaline Batteries are more economical than the use and throw ones, which contribute to the toxic waste. In the final analysis, the manufacturer consumes lesser power and the issue of toxic landfill is controlled. Use new and efficient battery chargers that will not tax your power consumption.

energy efficiency habits

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