Electricity has been a source of pain to many. Reason being, it accounts for most parts of an individual’s monthly budget and ironically some homesteads end up paying a lot of money on there electricity bill compared to what they actually pay on rent.

This problem really brings many to try and answer the same puzzle that has actually been a headache to many over the years- How to Save Money on Electric Bill.

Replace the ordinary bulb with the energy saving bulbs. Ordinary bulbs are known to use a lot of energy because they emit both light and a lot of heat at the same time. On the contrary energy saving bulbs emits a good amount light and less heat using less energy.

The one method always forgotten by many involves the use of common sense. By simply turning of all bulbs when you leave the rooms and electric appliances that are not in use like the empty refrigerators, ovens, television sets, cooker and freezers it help reduce on your electricity bill.

Switch off devices when not in use. It is also advised to use the electric devices sparingly and by this it mean switching them on and of regularly.

Avoid heating things using electricity. This encourages the use of alternative sources of heat in heating substances reducing electricity consumption.

Avoid using certain appliances like the dish washers, air conditioners and the cloth driers since they can be easily compensated for by drying the clothes on the line and manually washing the dishes.


For winters seasons and areas experiencing very cold temperatures, it is much more economical to use electric blanket as compared to heating up the whole room during the night. it is also encouraged to paint your houses with bright colors as this reflect a lot of light and being a source of energy it keeps the house warm.

Still on those who use thermostats, make sure it is properly set such that it only works when you are at home.

Also use proper window and door sealing on your home
. That would mean leaving no cracks gaping reducing the chances of outside air getting in to your house.





Use the Electric Saver 1200. It recycles the energy lost through the wires in your home or business as a result of electricity moving from the transformer to the motors of your appliances. It also protects your house against power surges. This reduces the amount of heat lost through the wires and motors in your home thus lowering the electricity bill.  This is one trusted technology used to save energy.

Make an action NOW! Use one of the effective ways of reducing power consumption.

Start Saving Electricity Today

Many homeowners and companies worldwide have realized the savings from installing this type of equipment on their properties.  Savings have been reported from 6% to 36%.  Every home/business is different depending on how efficient the motors and wiring on your property is, how efficient your power grid in the region you are located is, and how often you use the motors in your home.

With the product have a lifetime of 25 years and a 20 year warranty, your savings will continue to add up!

Join our family of satisfied Electric Saver 1200 users today.  Stop wasting your energy and giving extra money to your utility company for nothing! Start spending your hard earned dollars on YOU!  You deserve it.

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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