How Does Recycling Save Energy at Home

think-conserve-energyA typical homestead in USA utilized about 21.5 KwH per day. Taking the energy bill pricing to be 10 cents per KwH, this translates to about spending $700 annually on energy. This not only does it not work in favor of your wallet but also it’s not eco-friendly as well. This will necessitate more energy to be produced especially from hydro-carbon raw materials leading to emission of more green house gases.

How does recycling save energy consumed in your house
The following list is an illustration of how one can reduce the cost of the energy bill by up to 50 percent if they adhere to it.

They are:
You should start by replacing the old fashioned Thomas Edison bulb with Compact Florescent Light bulbs which use 78 percent less energy without compromising on the quality of lighting output. The florescent bulbs are becoming cheaper as time goes by, and the consumer has a choice to buy either soft light or true light bulbs whichever is suitable to him.

You should shut down your computer when you go to sleep if you are not leaving it to do overnight downloading or systems maintenance. On the other hand you could enable the sleep or standby mode; this will consume considerably less energy. Should this not be possible then another alternative is to shut the monitor screen since in essence it has no work if you are not using the computer, in essence it’s only the CPU that is needed. A better solution will be to replace you desktop computer with laptops which use about less than a third of energy big desktop computers use.

Ensure that you unplug all unused electronics such as TV, home theater, micro wave, radio or any other electronic that has got a sleep function. When the electronics are in sleep mode they consume about 5 percent of the monthly energy bill on aggregate. They have got LED-lights and internal capacitors and hardware which continue to utilize energy while they are in sleep mode.

Since the freezer and the refrigerator need to stay on 24/7, there is a need to select energy efficient refrigerators when buying these home appliances. Also it would help if you placed them away from hot rooms such as the kitchen as this will need the refrigerator to work more to keep your foodstuff cold. Places such as the basement and garage is recommended, also you could try to open the refrigerator’s door as little times as possible since frequent opening leads to the refrigerator working more in order to keep internal temperature low.

Appliances such as air-conditioner also need to stay on around the clock especially in houses in hot countries/seasons. If you could find an alternative to keep your house cool then opt for it; alternative such as constructing your house with good ventilation that optimizes on breeze circulation around your house. In addition to this, when you go to buy such electronic appliances, ensure to get one rated highly to be energy efficient and is within your budget.

Start Saving Now!

Another simple solution would be to turn off the lights in rooms which are not in use. It understandable that people are likely to forget to do this once they exit a particular room. But now with improved technology, one could simple install sensors and timers to automatically switch on and off the lights hence reduce energy wastage in lighting lights that is not needed.

by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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