How Can Electric Power Saver 1200 Bring Down Your Power Bill

Electric Power SaverEnergy-saving appliances were introduced in the market to bring respite to the ever-increasing, skyrocketing electricity bill. But, what most people find is that irrespective of investing in energy-saving appliances, there is only a marginal reduction in electricity bill. This shows that it is not just enough to invest in energy-saving devices, instead, you need efficient energy savers like KVAR PU 1200, Electric Saver 1200 devices and other KVAR power savers.

What you need to know about Electric Power Saver:
When it comes to saving electricity, you need to know what goes on behind the scenes. Every appliance uses two types of power: one to maintain electro-magnetic field and the other to react with the electro-magnetic field to produce mechanical output. Together, the net power utilized by an appliance is known as apparent power, which is measured in kilo-volt amperes. All Power Saver products, acronym of Kilo-Volt Amp Reduction, aim to bring down the apparent power.

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In fact, a power factor determines the efficiency of electrical power usage. So, if the power factor is high, it indicates efficient use of electric power, and a low power factor shows poor use of electric power. Earlier, power factor optimization was overlooked as the cost of electricity was low. Now, by installing electric power saver products, you can optimize power factor to reduce distribution loss and increase the lifetime of an electric appliance.

Save PowerElectric Power Saver products optimize power factor using panel installation and custom-sized units. When there is little, intermittent load, as in the case of home or small office, panel installation is enough to optimize the power factor. In the case of air conditioners or other heavy-duty electrical appliances, you can go for custom-sized units to make motor cooler, reduce line losses, and protect the motor.

Electric Power Saver 1200:

Now, let’s see some of the features of power saver products like Electric Power Saver 1200 devices in detail.
Electric saver 1200 is designed to save nearly 25% of your electricity bill. It can be installed either on an electric panel or directly on the motor of an electric appliance. Apart from saving electricity bill, it also safeguards motors of your appliances from power spikes up to 2000 Joules.

How does it work:
When motors or other heavy equipment need power, the signal to show the need for power goes through the wires, electric panel, power meter gauge, up to a power company’s transformer and then returns back to the equipment. This entire cycle of power request strains the wiring and generates heat, which is known as watts. This heat is often wasted and increases your electricity bill. When you fix an Electric Saver 1200 device, the extra heat produced is recycled to reduce the heat, which means your electricity bill lowers and the lifespan of your devices increases. So, what an electric saver 1200 device does is it reduces the demand for power that might otherwise be wasted and brings down the cost of electricity.

Let's Go GreenTo make things much simpler, Electric saver 1200 is maintenance free, as it is designed to last up to 25 yrs. So, you can simply install it and forget about it for more than two decades. If your house or company has equipment that need a lot of power, then a device like Electric Saver 1200 can save a huge amount in electricity bill.

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