Home Power Saver Reviews and Inspection

Home Power Saver Reviews and Inspection

power-meterWays of saving money without doing anything at all except walking around your house. I have always heard of everyone saying that power bills are shooting through the roof and something is to be done about it. I suggest that you take a walk around your estate and look closely. You may be using too much of power at many places and stopping these leakages will ensure that your power bill will come down. Yes! it is possible and I will show how it can be done. Just a 24 hour vigil on a single day will make your bill come down by substantial amount.

Start one evening.

  • Switch off all the lamps one by one and only those that are required for you can be switched on. You need to be very ruthless about switching off all those that are not required at that particular moment. The word “NOW” is important. If you do not need it NOW, switch it off should be the rule. It can be switched on again any time it is required. After all that is what the switches are for. Use them effectively and to your advantage. Switches are useful for around million operations, so forget about the cost of replacing a switch.
  • Take a close look at your heating and air conditioning bills. Increase the temperature setting of air conditioning units by one degree every few days and see if someone notices the difference. Most probably no one will notice the difference. Do the same thing in reverse way for all the heating units. Decrease the setting until someone takes cognizance of the change.
  • Look closely at your water requirement and you might come to know about one tap being kept open for a number of days and water going waste, even small drips consume lot of water over a long period. All this water being wasted is a loss for environment and a drain on your pumping costs. This can be avoided. Save a lot and help environment at the same time.
  • Take a closer look at the walls of your house and you may find that at many places the heat is either leaking in or leaking out depending on the season. Both are power wasters and you need to stop the money leaking through this source.

So you have saved a large wastage of your money by walking around all by yourself. Take us with you when you walk inside of your house. We will show how the power is being robbed from your house and we will also give a solution for this wastage. Take a close look at the nameplate of your tube light. It will give you power factor of the tube light. May be it is around 0.5. You know what it means? It means that only half of the power it takes from mains is being used for lighting. You may also find this on your motors. The value there might be around 0.7 to 0.8. It still means wastage of 20 to 30%.

Want a solution? Come to us. Our product “Power Saver 1200“is just for such purposes. Of course we have different models depending on the size of your house. This seemingly small gadget can save you lot of money be improving power factor of your house as a whole, thereby saving on your power bills. It packs a powerful punch at your bill. The cost is low and life is high. With a cost of about US$ 130, and a service life of 25 years, the cost per year comes to just around 5 per year. The cost can be recovered in just few months if years. Moreover is does not require any maintenance so it is just there saving you loads of money throughout its life, demanding nothing from you in return.

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by Glenn Hough, CEO Electric Saver 1200


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