Hair Thin Solar Cells

Solar cells are amazing, but there are a number of pretty big problems with the ones that are available now. Size, for example, is an issue. The cells are pretty big and heavy now, and for how much they absorb, the process is pretty inefficient. One solar cell designer and developer in Poland is making solar cells that are as thin as human hair that can absorb more with less.
Perovskites are a material that can be used to make solar cells that are less than a micrometer thick. For comparison current solar cells are 80 micrometers thick. These proposed cells are super light, as they are so thin which makes them able to be installed in places current solar cells can’t go or can’t go without considerable help. The only problem so far is that these new cells don’t last as long. Currently they last about 1000 hours, which is way shorter than the 25-30 years solar cells work, though they can already convert as much energy as the old silicon cells.
See more about this new potential solar savior here: I want to build solar cells thinner than a human hair.

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